How to Add a listing

  • Before you proceed, Read our rules and guidelines for adding a listing.
  • Registartion: The initial step is to Register using your email. Ensure you're entering the right information, so your potential could get in touch with you
  • Click on the Add item on the top right corner.
  • Choose the type of listing that you want to add to the website (for now only forsale and acommodation) and then fill the details of the listing accurately.
  • Upload 2 clear images of the item or apartment ( note: the size of each image should not be more than 2MB, you can use an App like Lit Photo to resize your images).
  • After submission of the post, it will immediately appear on the website in its respective category to students of your campus.
  • After the sale has been made, please make sure to delete the post from your dashboard to avoid unnecessary calls concerning the listing.

How to buy

  • From the homepage your campus space and if your are logged in you will automatically be taken to your campus homepage.
  • Note that you can only see posts from the students of that are on your campus, this is to facilitate legitemacy as there is high chance that you already know the student that added that post.
  • You can then proceed into the particular category of your choosing or you can as well search for the item you're looking for.
  • Once you see a listing that interests you, go to the page and copy the contact of the student that added the post.
  • You can go ahead and call the seller or chat on whatsapp to negotiate on the price and pick a suitable meeting point.
  • Make sure you meet the seller in a safe public place and if possible go with a friend(s).
  • Only pay after you've gotten and inspected the item or the apartment, also the verify that the seller is the owner of the item or is the caretaker of the apartment (I don't need to tell of the scams that happen daily in our country).
  • And if you're satisfied with the experience, you can refer a friend and help us spread the word.

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